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Hello, I’m Sonia a mommy of three energetic souls and married to a very handsome grouch. This website is geared to give inspiration, advice, lifestyle, my motherhood stories laughter or cries, and topics I find interesting like printables and creativity that can possibly be of some guidance to you or someone you know.
A lil bit about me now ..I love all things pretty rugged.  Adventurous but have my limits. I have an eye for detail, enjoy doing crafts with the kids or sewing. I enjoy good music, a strong drink (at times), food, and a good movie. I enjoy learning new things but at times I tend to overdo it and end up with too many tasks for an already busy mom. We moved from Texas and currently find ourselves traveling in Europe. So if you would like in follow along by subscribing today!

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Happy Blogging’

Sonia Sotelo-Barnes

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