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I would like to share with you these items which have helped me along the way, and I hope they help you as well. These baby items are things that my kids and I have enjoyed over the years. Possibly you know about them, and if not I will introduce you along with my feedback to all these cool baby – teen things.
Starting off with the Rock and Play

oh my freak’n goodness, I can’t begin to describe what a god given lifesaver this was. Sadly, I remember when I had my first child my spouse was deployed and although I had two extra bodies in the house( my family) they had their own agenda so they could only help me out so much. There I was alone plenty of times but I think the worse was times when I had to shower or use the bathroom. I hated, felt guilty, that my baby had to wait there sometimes patiently, or sometimes crying her heart out. You guys it was the worse feeling ever for me because I couldn’t do much if anything about it. I used this Rock and Play everywhere. Where ever I moved my rock & Play moved as well. I bought me a new one for my new addition in the house My baby boy. This should be a must have along with other items I will showcase here. This item will be your extra hands, I wish it did have wheels that can fold out or in when needed instead of picking it up solo or with your baby inside.

Another item is this awesome baby Projector that comes with 3 mini disks that have different animals. It has quite some features. Once you insert the disk you see the lil animals move. It has I believe 4 different sounds or it can be turned off with just the projector going or vice-versa. It’s neat you need to check it out. Both my 3 and 3month old enjoy watching. My husband once realizing the animals move so your not just looking at a still picture was impressed.

I wish I can bombard you with more pictures there is so much I would like to share with you all but I don’t want to overdue it. If this is your first pregnancy or simply looking for that right gift, just because, regardless the age just asks your question below or suggestions they are always welcomed.

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