My Love of Special Hobbies

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I have always been a true admirer of crafty stuff it is my fuel that keeps me going.
Whether it be simply pouring glue on a piece of paper or anything that I feel could use a little makeover then if that wasn’t enough I would make it rain sprinkles of glitter everywhere and anywhere. Yes, I was that child! I have an eye for detail. I have always been passionate about sewing or anything of that nature. I am still learning as time isn’t always on my side. You definitely don’t have to be the best at it but once you start enjoying what you do you should make note of that. That could possibly be your special talent.  I remember when I was a little girl my mother had this Singer sewing machine and she had no experience she was self-taught. She would create these beautiful outfits and sometimes some outrageous ones like oh my God mom please don’t make me wear that!

What’s your favorite hobby?

It’s just something about sewing that makes me feel good. Could it be the excitement of creating a pattern or the bundle of feelings when learning something new?  The beautiful variety of eye-catching fabrics, buttons, or sewing accessories. I don’t know about you but it’s truly a great feeling once you find out what you enjoy doing.
I have many friends who are very crafty I believe that everyone has their unique talents. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to showcase them. I hope if you are reading this right now that you never give up on anything that creates happiness in your soul.

My love of special hobbies is just as the title says. For the moment my sewing and family crafty fun have been put on hold because I have a new addition to the family. I had my baby boy here in Belgium Wow, it was a whole new experience being overseas having my baby, but that’s another story I will tell you about next time.
There are many things that are beneficial about hobbies depending what it is. I usually stick to the crafty aspect of it.

I also purchase most of my items from Amazon, being that I am overseas, many items I want are not available. Everything is very limited so that’s when Amazon comes to the rescue. Down below, I placed a link, where you can purchase those Adorable kid mask that everyone will love.
Don’t forget to share What/How did you get started with your Hobbies? How are you liking it so far?


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