Budgeting & Saving

Whether you are married/together, single or going through a divorce, It’s a never-ending saga with this issue. Did I say issue? Yes, I did. Unfortunately, if you haven’t learned to spend or save your money wisely your financial matters are probably hurting. Circumstances are different for many people, and regardless how much one tries to save, it’s hard. Unless you grew up or inherited a lump-sum of money. not I said ever!

I have some tips to help if you want to make changes.

1. Manage your money like if your life depended on it.
2. Stay consistent, consistency is Key. It’s easy to say oh! I will make note of it later, but eventually that ”habit” escalates. You have enough things to keep track of and soon it will all add up. Problems always add up.
3. Know the difference between Gross income vs. net income.

4.Purchase or make an organizer/spreadsheet on Excel or preferably one of your choice. This will help you be in control or pinpoint exactly what is going on with the money. Keep track of where or what the money is being spent on.
5. A spreadsheet will also help you stay on track, and ease the process of attaining your Big Goals. If you budget right then you will notice your savings improve.

So, as you see you don’t have to be an expert on creating a spreadsheet I get it.. I hate computers too depending what I’m using it for of course. The important thing is to get started. Grab a piece of paper, or buy a binder and just start writing. You can start off writing your bills and the amount you pay and add-on the extras. Little by little you will learn how to organize what started off as a quick piece of paper to jot down quick notes to perhaps creating an actual spreadsheet on the computer.
There is also free printable’s online and if you subscribe request one I will gladly send you one.

I really hope these tips help you get started, and if you have any questions or suggestions please comment down below. Thank you, and Happy Budgeting!www.soniaspassion.com

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