Simple Ways to get Pampered (on a budget)

It’s possible, pamper yourself on a budget.

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love getting spoiled (Of course my sisters know this all to well). Ahhh…. Just the word pampered takes me to a happy place. Mother’s Day is just around the corner but pampering yourself can be any day. Let it be a simple facial, with home or store products. If it makes my face, body feel or look good by all means sign me up! Full Massage, or partial massage, manicure/pedicure, Hair Salon, waxing, to a certain extent of course. I know some of you are thinking what the hell? Waxing? Maybe eyebrow wax? I don’t know! All I’m saying is being pampered from time to time just feels great. Plus, it good for you.I personally enjoy A full massage everything else is extra;).

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Ok, sorry, so if you’re still reading along here we go. Pampered on a Budget.

Avocado– Click here for directions

Mayonnaise– I use this for my hair when deep conditioning giving it that beautiful shine, but Mayo can be used to remove dead skin as well.
Directions: Apply Mayo (I prefer using the original one). Apply to your face for about 10-20 mins, Rinse with cool water. It should leave skin soft & hydrated. note you can also add a bit of sugar to the mayo and carefully scrub over the body or face then Rinse with warm water.

Bathtub– Prepare a nice bubbly warm bath you can also add some Epsom Salt for those aches or pains, add some Essential Oils from Doterra or buy any of your choice, even a candle from your nearest store will suffice.

Wine– Drink Responsibly. Wine is always classy(so they say) choose what your taste buds enjoy white or red wine.

Egg whites– Endless recipes with these eggs. Here is a link that I like using for directions

Music– Music is universal. It connects and understands with one like no other, so Play on that relaxing playlist of yours smile and enjoy.

Hot coco– omg! just that word alone on any given day sounds great. Preferably a cold day though. Yes, pamper yourself with a Hot Coco add marshmallows( colorful ones), add the whipped cream along with your favorite cookies. Yummy..

Massage– Pick a *Professional establishment or call a friend with good hands… 🙂 look for discounted deals on certain days or months. Sometimes the salon will have special bundle deals if you choose to get some other services done. Sometimes if it’s your first time they let you in on a good deal then you can cancel if you don’t want to continue(always ask about their cancellation policy).

Facials– Most stores have facial or body products already made such as scrubs or the lil facial packets.

Cucumbers– One cucumber-green color, is enough and you would simply wash it off first.
Then cut two thin or thick slices your preference, Apply them over your eyes for about 15-20mins or longer depending on the outcome. Once your finish simply remove them and throw away.

Foot massage– You know some people just don’t like being touched and when it comes to feet some people prefer to skip this part. It’s not that they have ugly feet who knows but some people just don’t like it. I love it….lol For this it’s always good to go to a Professional massage person, or perhaps your partner, someone who has a fetish for feet (yes, they are out there), or a friend you feel comfortable asking who doesn’t mind maybe you can pay them or buy them coffee.

Scalp/Hair– There are simple little gadgets that will massage your scalp and it feels so nice. Also, if you massage your scalp and carefully tug on your hair, even sliding your fingers through your hair might feel soothing to you. A simple shower with your favorite shampoo or conditioner might invigorate your scalp.

I hope you have enjoyed the different ways you can Pamper yourself on a Budget.

I tried this recently and I am not getting paid to write this I am simply giving you guys my Honest review.
The Yes to cucumbers paper mask review
>Was affordable

>Alcohol smell was very strong,
>it’s very cold,
>the mask was irritating my upper part of my lip probably because I waxed it a day before. So if you recently got any kind of facial wax recently I do not recommend this.
>The mask is super wet
>When the 10 minutes are up you remove the mask and you are left with a wet sticky face.
So, I do not recommend this brand- Yes to cucumbers paper mask.

Always, love and take care of yourself you deserve it!
I will update this as I will be trying other facials soon and I will let you guys know how it goes. If you have any pampering tips or steer clear from certain products let us know, please.
Thank you!

P.s Click here for Essential Oils recipes and information:

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