With Spring comes Allergies (10 things that may help)

HELLOOO Spring!!
This season brings the beauty of nature; unfolding with vibrant colors and blooming flowers with a scent that fills your soul with peace and happiness. Although, like the saying goes Beauty Hurts…
Luckily, spring & I am somewhat a good match but for some unlucky people, it brings on a never-ending battle with allergies! Sometimes it’s so severe that people take extreme measures because for them it can be fatal. Why do some get it worse than others who knows? Our body responds with these allergic reactions and the culprit? Who is to blame? Who knows right? I believe some of these issues are the daily toxins we encounter and sometimes the ones we are unaware of. Toxins such as certain products we put on ourselves, food we consume, drinks, microwave, car products, the air we breathe, etc. I can’t guarantee you these tips will help but it might just be worth a try. I am not a professional so always check with your Doctor before trying any of the recommendations below. Thank you.

We begin with oh’ just a little spring cleaning. This is so important for me because just the right amount of dust will have me sneezing in no time. So much for me being a good match right! Inside your home give a nice wipe down make sure to get rid of as much dust as possible. Dust and mold are bad for ya! We all know that already. So if you don’t get rid of it eventually it can be the start of your symptoms and you’re left wondering why you feel terrible once you step outside.


Have you ever climbed Mount Everest to catch that breath of crispy Fresh air? No? Well, neither have I. Plus, I am so out of shape I highly doubt I can do anything right now. But you get the picture, it’s important, and would be great to keep the air clear, and breathable. Dehumidifiers also are good. Humidifiers are great, and the ones with High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters a.k.a HEPA are even better. One thing about the humidifier especially HEPA it can pick up blow dust lying around. So just things to consider. I enjoy the cold mist humidifier they are good for my family, kids, and within my budget. Air fresheners are alright. What you don’t want is things like smoking, candles(I love these), fire pits, things of this nature.

Do you have pets? Yes, I have one myself and I pamper my dog like no other. I would give her baths in her private bath tub she would gladly jump in and I would then set the towel down on the floor for her. When bath time was over she would gladly jump right out onto her towel for the drying stage. The thing with this friend is when you pat/ wipe down your dog whether indoors or out. Your dog, or better yet your animal’s fur is like a sticky pad for pollen. Yes, pollen that stuff that makes you say ah chuuu one too many times. Very annoying. So making sure you give your animal a nice wipe down can minimize allergens for your noses’ sake.

Close windows. Yep, unfortunately, if you’re allergies are kicking your butt it might be best to keep them windows shut. I prefer my windows open. The reason I say this is because we all know when that nice breezy wind rolls by and guess what? they are sprinkling or dropping off that leftover stuff it picked up and leaving it at your doorstep or should I say your open window? It’s dropping off whatever nasty or good stuff it’s picked up along the way who knows for how long or even what invisible things it has. Sometimes you can even smell it and it’s not any fresh air. So for your sanity keep them closed. Your choice.


Pollen is a beast not literally but so many people I know can’t even enjoy time outdoors, playing with their kids, shopping, and work because it’s just that bad. Pollen can stick to your clothes, shoes, hair, pillow case and skin who knows where else right? A few of my allergy sufferers tell me they also shower late in the evening a warm shower preferably may wash off any pollen that might have hitched a ride with you throughout your busy day. A shower might help give you some time to relax or sleep a bit from all that measly pollen. You can also see an Allergist who can hopefully help you. If not, you might consider allergy shots. There is also immunotherapy tablets. These are given to adults and children depending on their age and your allergists will let you know if you should need them. If you’re allergic to grass or ragweed pollen, Immunotherapy tablets are something you can look into. I am no medical expert simply putting information out there.

”Some” of the things my family and friends have tried for their allergies are
Nasal steroids- such as OTC Flonase, Nasonex.
Antihistamines- Claritin, Alavert, Benadryl, Allegra-D.
Other remedies like Essential Oils( always use caution consult a professional when using these). Essential Oils can be used internally or externally,
– Acupuncture
– Flushing your nose with salt water a.k.a Saline water. You can also make your own: Mix a teaspoon of salt in a pint of warm, distilled water and adding a pinch of baking soda.
-Peppermint Tea; Note: Peppermint tea should be used with caution in children, as the menthol in peppermint may cause them to choke. As always check with your Doctor first. Neti pot might help. As I have said before I am no professional, I am not a doctor these are simply remedies that have helped some of my Family and friends. Any concerns should be discussed with your doctor. So if you decide to try one of these remedies it’s completely your decision.

So there you have it, friends, It’s a big list and I’m just putting the basic information which I truly hope it helps you or someone you know. I have listed the 10 things that may help below in no particular order. For a list of recommended Essential Oils, I have put a link below to browse or purchase.

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Here are the (10 Things that may help).
1. Spring cleaning/ wipe down
2. Essential Oils
3. Dehumidifiers/Humidifiers
4. Nasal steroids
5. Give your animal a nice wipe down
6. Close windows
7. Shower late
8. See an Allergist
9. Immunotherapy tablets/ allergy shots
10. Saline water

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