Tips when traveling with kids

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Have you ever had or still till this day have had one of those embarrassing moments? Heck yes! I know I have. Well I am here to save you some headaches and perhaps next time you guys go anywhere with the kids you will go with a piece of mind. First thing first depending on the age of child you can plan accordingly. I will give you some scenarios and tips when traveling as a family with your newborn, a toddler, and a tween.

Traveling on plane:(carry-on)
> have paperwork ready and make copies this includes passport, medical, insurance information. Take medicine with you I always have Tylenol for infant, childrens, and adult.
>small version Hand sanitizer (see TSA’s rules for allowable items and sizes).Some medicine requires a prescription.
Check weather and safety conditions depending where your traveling to.
Carry extra coins or small bills for those unexpected moments when you need them.
Phone/Tablet charger and a transformer if needed.
>Take a few items possibly their most favorite items so your kids can entertain themselves with while waiting. I usually take a tablet download videos, and bring along some earphones for my toddler and tween to watch. Here below is one I would personally recommend it’s been stepped on, thrown around, and it still works great. It has also saved my sanity a bazillion times.

>Diaper bag with your child’s necessities
>gadgets, electronics, don’t over do it. I’m not saying bring your whole entertainment system. Just something for each of you. Something each one of you might enjoy for them long waiting hours. For example My spouse >Tablet, my newborn some of his favorite chewing toys. My toddler> tablet, mini Shopkins or My lil Pony’s, coloring book, and crayons. My Tween> her mp3, and a book.

>If gadgets are not up your alley then perhaps a cool book preferably one your child likes. A coloring book.
> Some colorful straws, you’ll be amazed how they will entertain themselves out of almost anything.
>A small play board which you can find at any toy or dollar store. I usually find play cards such as Cat fish, Uno, Puzzles, Dominoes, and many more games that can literally fit in your bag or your pocket. I will post some pictures of them down below.

Road Trip, Traveling:
>Check your vehicle( This should be number one on your priority list.
prior to your trip) Regardless whether it’s new.
>A First Aid Box
>A roll of toilet paper, sanitizer, and wipes.
>Depending on the length and destination of travel plan accordingly.
>If you’re like me I like to pinpoint my exact location see how many miles, how many possible pit stops, and check for money saving fuel stops by using certain apps, being a member of AAA’s saves me money.
>Check weather and safety conditions depending where your traveling to.
>I know you will want to pack your whole garage in there if you happen to have a vehicle with a lot of trunk space but for the love of God, Don’t..
>Carry extra coins or small bills for those unexpected moments when you need them.
>Headphones,Gadgets or as mentioned above coloring books, small toys you can find at any store. Preferably dollar or a toy’s r us type of store.
>Phone/Tablet charger extra phone charger and transformer if needed.
>Buy an assortment of colorful small things from any craft store. Trust me your kids can come up with some great ideas.
>Pack of water and instant powder for your drinks such as Kool-Aid, Lipton , and so on.
>Stock up on snacks either at the dollar store or the grocery store.
> Prior to your road trip, It’s always a good idea to look online to find interesting places either for a quick stop or to say you visited.
> Bring spare car keys let someone else hold on to them.
> A comfy pillow and cozy blanket.
>Shades for you and for your car windows.
>Sunscreen, bug repellant.
Down below is a link to Amazon where you can also look for or purchase items for your trip.
Melissa & Doug Family Road Trip Box of Travel Questions Game – 82 Conversation Starters on Cards

>Make the most of it! Have a Happy & Safe Trip! Tell me all about it or comment if you have any tips to share.



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