Zombie Mom

This is my sleep deprived story.
No matter how hard you try are there days your eyes have that raccoon look? and not feeling like yourself throughout the day?
If you said yes, I know, it sucks! Especially if it’s hereditary in my case thank you, dad! ugh..
No matter how much I try it’s so very difficult for me to even get a nap in. I’ve never been the one to choose naps since I could remember. I have always been a busy body so instead of a quick nap I have found that keeping busy allows me to feel better. I have noticed with a few margaritas(of course not, no margaritas but it did sound nice) soft music, some outdoor warm weather, sun shining just right this helps me sleep. Now, when it comes to actual bedtime sleep; I’m screwed!

Sleep has been hard for me lately but of course, I have a newborn in the house so no one sleeps much less Mama. I am at times feeling like a walking zombie. Oh’ I absolutely love sleep but these freak’n gadgets got my eyes hypnotized not caring one bit whether it’s night or day. Some examples: Pinterest I hate, (Adore) that app but who can resist salivating looking at recipes, and dessert section just looking at the pictures alone I find myself drooling tummy rumbling lol. Pinterest is a staple on all my gadgets. I think I am on that as much as you possibly shop at your favorite stores.

Omg! It’s incredible. So yes tonight it’s 11 p.m not; 3 a.m this time and I have heavy eyes going on but here I am in between writing this and looking to read or buy interesting things online. Yep! you guessed it I have poor sleep habits and possibly love them at times( sweet online deals). I will eventually have to come up with a better routine. I have one for my kids 10 and 3year old and it works great except when my 3year old wants to run around the house or stay up watching cartoons or her favorite Youtube kid shows. I so want rest but I need to learn how to cut off my phone when it’s bedtime.


If I can nap I gladly will this time around. Not sure if it’s because age is finally catching up to me or maybe it’s because I simply have Kids.. so yes my body is a tad bit tired(out of shape/malnourished) most days and a quick nap is like a shot of double espresso which will help me with round 2 of my hectic errands. So you see naps are great if you have the opportunity and the appreciate the importance of being well rested, good sleep habits will determine how your body and your new day will be like. So what are you waiting for! Get the sleeping close them red- eyed popping eyeballs of yours. I think I will the same.

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